Welcome to ALTUM Management

ALTUM Management is a property management company operating in Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland; focusing on the management of commercial real estate investments. ALTUM goes far beyond the scope of traditional property management and is dedicated to deliver high-quality, tailored management solutions to financial institutions, investors, funds and high net worth individuals.

ALTUM's mission is to provide the most consistently reliable and innovative property management service. Read more →

Why Choose ALTUM

ALTUM's main advantage over its competitors is its lean, cost-efficient and professional service structure avoiding large overhead and being compliant with UK property management standards for European properties. Read more →
ALTUM's Services

ALTUM delivers property management services for retail and office investments. ALTUM services are characterized by quality, competence, transparency and integrity. Moreover, ALTUM is a pro-active property manager who also engages in certain aspect of asset management and, therefore, does not draw a line between property and asset management. Read more →